I tend not to just quote someone and have done with it, but in this instance I’m going to be guilty of doing exactly that. Jim Quinn is the host of a newly syndicated talk show out of Pittsburgh. If you have the good fortune to hear him live as his list of stations grows, count yourself very lucky. Otherwise, if you are like me and most of us, you can download his show later that day to listen at your leisure.

Since his show is newly syndicated, he has announced his Quick-Start guide to his morning show:

  1. We believe the solution to the human condition is liberty. Three hundred years of the most successful country the globe has ever seen is proof enough. No government program created this country; God did.
  2. The unspoken Bush doctrine is the decades of the dictators are over! We had a parade of them for a hundred years, and they killed 100 million of us. We’ve learned our lesson.
  3. America is not an imperialist nation. We are not shoving our way of life down other people’s throats. We are shoving freedom down the throats of tyrants, so other people can choose their own way of life. That is the answer to the question “What is the role of the worlds only super power?”
  4. Marxism is the greatest threat to human freedom and growth. It has never worked anywhere it has been tried, but it is still taught in every college. It’s time to drain the swamp of these 1960s reprobates and charge them with selling a defective product.
  5. America is not the world’s largest polluter because
    1. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it’s a plant food.
    2. In terms of wealth versus tons of pollution, we are the cleanest country on earth because we are free and have the disposable wealth to clean up after ourselves.
  6. The environmental movement uses the environment and animal species as an excuse for putting the means of production (i.e.: Land) off limits to the citizen. This putting the means of production off limits to the citizens is called Communism.
  7. We have a highly progressive income tax. Russia has moved to a 13% flat tax, so we have Karl Marx’s tax system, and Russia has Steve Forbes’ tax system. If you don’t see a problem here, you are probably a registered Democrat.
  8. Abortion is the sacrament of the feminist church. It is the ultimate expression of separation of women from her nature. Feminists like this and will go to any lengths to protect this so-called right. There is no pro-abortion argument that is not routed in feminist rage or personal convenience.
  9. The fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is liberals see every new life as a potential problem, while a conservative sees every new life as a potential solution–a gift.
  10. There is no conclusive evidence that a human caused global warming. ZERO! It’s the hoax of the century and makes a lot of people a lot of grant money and makes a convenient excuse for putting a “Global Governor” on Capitalism. So why not teach it to our kids, and pretend it’s true?
  11. No one has ever died trying to paddle a rubber boat from Miami to Cuba.
  12. Racial profiling is what groups call common sense when they have a problem they don’t want to talk about. When they say they want to discuss it, they don’t. They just want you to shut up.
  13. To a Conservative, adversity is indistinguishable from opportunity.
  14. The UN is an expensive farce that allows tyrants to park free and pretend they are legitimate world statesmen, which they are not.
  15. Wahabbist Islam is a mental illness.
  16. There is such a thing as evil, and you cannot negotiate with it.
  17. Common sense and government are mutually exclusive. You cannot have both.
  18. Reaganomics is the only economics that works. Lowering tax rates increases wealth to everyone including government because there is no limit to wealth. New wealth is created when a human acts on a resource. Humans can only do that when they are free. Taxes are restrictions on freedom.
  19. The Second Amendment is the essential counter-balance to the deadly power of law-making, and it means exactly what it says!
  20. In our republic God is a necessary legal concept. When God is removed from our public life, our rights will flow from men instead, and they will change those rights.
  21. QUINN’S FIRST LAW: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

Some of these topics have been commented on by me before. (1, 2, 3, 4) And some others will be covered later as the muse strikes me. My challenge to you is to find one of the items above that you disagree with, and write a coherent explanation as to why you disagree with it.

Come on! I triple-dog dare ya!