After seeing the Democrat-led Senate go through the silly over-night stunt to push a cut-and-run bill through, I have a rather simple question for everyone out there: is there anyone not convinced at this point that Democrats comprise the party of white flags, surrender, and running away?

And there’s a follow-up question: when has running away from people who hate and want to kill you ever made things better?

Michelle Malkin has posted the Arabic phrase for “I will not surrender / I will not submit” on her website, and I agree with this sentiment. I will not submit to Islam, nor will I submit to radicals who are using their religion to threaten the world. Neither will I submit to apologists in the West who believe we must appease radical Islamists by submitting to their every demand. This is my pledge.

I am not an Arabic speaker, so I have no idea if this is correct. I just took the graphic Michelle posted on her site and created a smoother version, because I’m just that anal. Here is the Arabic phrase.

I Will Not Surrender!

If you’d like to show your defiance against the Islamofascists who still celebrate the horrible events of 9/11, I have also created a button for your sidebar.

I Will Not Surrender!

Feel free to download and host these pictures on your own site. And never surrender!