While I’m not a Catholic, I like how Pope Benedict XVI has decided to treat Muslims. From an article at National Catholic Reporter, John L. Allen, Jr. writes the following:

In his March 23 session with cardinals, much conversation turned on Islam, and there was general agreement with Benedict’s policy of a more muscular challenge on what Catholics call “reciprocity.” In essence, it means that if Muslim immigrants can claim the benefit of religious liberty in the West, then Christian minorities ought to get the same treatment in majority Muslim nations.

To take the most notorious example, if the Saudis can spend $65 million to build the largest mosque in Europe in Rome, in the shadows of the Vatican, then Christians ought to be able to build churches in Saudi Arabia. Or, if that’s not possible, Christians should at least be able to import Bibles, and the Capuchin priests who serve the Arabian peninsula ought to be able to set foot off the oil industry compounds or embassy grounds in Saudi Arabia without fear of harassment by the mutawa, the religious police. The bishop in charge of the Catholic church in that part of the world recently described the situation in Saudi Arabia as “reminiscent of the catacombs.”

I like the idea of reciprocity. I like the idea of telling Mexico that we will treat Mexican nationals in our country as well as Mexico treats foreign nationals in its own country. Or how about patroling our southern border the same way Mexico patrols its own southern border? And then we can let the terrorists know that we will treat their prisoners the same way they treat ours.