Stephen Green of Vodkapundit is blogging about the Super Tuesday primary results while drinking at Pajamas Media and I surfed in from an Instapundit link. Here’s the paragraph that Green wrote that caught my eye:

Superdelegate Christine Pelosi (daughter of Speaker Nancy) tells Sean Hannity that she’s “torn between my gender and my generation.” Either she’s a perfect example of the identity politics that plague the Democrats, or there’s not one difference between Clinton and Obama important enough to sway Pelosi with substance.

Since I haven’t stated it before, let me do so now for any Democrat who reads my blog.

If you vote for Sen. Obama because he is black, you are racist.

If you vote for Sen. Clinton because she is a woman, you are sexist.

If you vote for either one because of their politics or stated principles, then apparently you are not Christine Pelosi. Frankly, I don’t care about the race, sex, or even looks of any candidate. I care about the candidates’ track records and their stated positions. Since I rarely get my news from the TV and mostly from reading it on the Internet, I am not influenced by the way a candidate looks or, for that matter, sounds. Instead, I’ve been paying much more attention to reading what they say and seeing what they have done.

And in my mind’s eye, what the candidates say and do is waaaaay more important than their sex or race.