So I dragged the wonderful wife off to the theater to see King Kong finally. We both liked the movie, and we understand why it is a box office hit. TPK says there are parts that seemed to drag, but I think she is crazy. I don’t know what part I would trim, but the bug scene certainly gave me the jibblies. So two thumbs up from both of us for the movie.

The movie experience gets thumbs down. Is it just me, or are more people talking in movies? I was tempted to turn around and say, “Would you please be quiet? If I wanted a movie commentary, I’d turn on the director’s audio track.” To make matters worse, there were three batches of wanna-be commentators seated around us. Now don’t get me wrong, I love talking back at the movies we watch. It’s a bad habit I picked up from Mystery Science Theater 3000. But I don’t do that in the theater. TPK says that if she must comment, she will whisper to me. I asked her how often I whisper stuff to her, and the quick answer is I don’t.

Why should I shell out money to go see a movie with Chatty Cathys, crying babies, and kids saying loudly, “Daddy, why is she dead?” I don’t mind seeing movie previews, but I object to commercials. And I really object when there are more commercials than previews. With TV and audio technology the way it is, I can get movie-quality entertainment at home without JuJuBes stuck to the floor and popcorn scattered around. And if someone is chatting loudly behind me, I can pause the show and tell TPK to take the phone into the other room.

Yes, there are some benefits of seeing a movie in a large theater with a bunch of people you know and like. But I have to ask myself if going to the theater is really worth it when I can rent as much as I want with the Hollywood MVP program (and Blockbusters still sucks).

I don’t think it will be too long before I skip the theater altogether and do just DVDs.