There is good and bad news about the upcoming election. The good news is that there are only a few more days until the election, which means the campaign ads will go away soon. The bad news is that we only have a few days before the election, and we’ll have to live with the results for the next two years. I’m more than ready for the constant polling calls to stop:

Annoying pollster: “If the election were held today, would you vote for the Democrat or Republican candidate for governor?”
Annoyed me: “Neither, because I’d be unaware that the election had been changed from Nov. 7th.” *click*

[As the person fielding most of these calls, I'm getting reeeeeeally tired of 'em. My response to a recent call:
Clueless shill: "Hi, I'm (name) from (annoying organization) and I know you've been getting a lot of political calls, but--"
Me: "You're right, I have. Goodbye." *click* --TPK]

Speaking of things annoying, Oregonians mail in their ballots. There is no going to your local precinct to vote for the people you want to represent you. Instead, we vote by mail for our candidates of choice, hoping that our votes are not overshadowed by those of illegal voters. And it’s trivially simple for someone to register illegally here in Oregon. Here are the options you can use to identify yourself as an Oregon voter if you don’t have a valid Oregon driver’s license, ID, or Social Security number:

If you do not have a current, valid Oregon DMV Driver’s License/ID or a Social Security number, you must affirm this on the voter registration card, and if you are registering by mail, you must provide a copy of one of the following:

  • valid photo identification
  • a paycheck stub
  • a utility bill
  • a bank statement
  • a government document
  • proof of eligibility under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) or the Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act (VAEH)

And all these documents prove U.S. citizenship and Oregon residence? Hardly! But these are the “new laws” that require people to identify themselves with one of the above by mail. Previous laws were even less stringent, if I can use that word to describe this lax law. Saying there is voter fraud in Oregon is like saying there are hemp products at Burning Man. It’s not a question of “if,” but a question of “how much.”

But not all the voting news is bad. The Supreme Court has allowed an Arizona law requiring photo ID at the voting booth to take effect for the 2006 election day. Proposition 200 was passed in Arizona in 2004, but the 9th Circus Circuit Court of Appeals put the kibosh on voter ID for two years. Requiring a photo ID is too much of a hardship for the poor and/or elderly, don’t you know. But is it really? Here’s the final paragraph from the news article summing up the Supreme Court’s action:

In order to cast a ballot at the polls, voters must show a photo ID with current street address or two forms of identification, such as a utility bill or car registration, with name and street address.

So if you don’t have a photo ID with current street address, such as a driver’s license, then two forms of identification are good enough. Pray tell, where is the hardship in providing a utility bill? I guess it’s a difficult thing if you are an illegal alien, but it’s not that much of a hardship for a legal resident.

And legal voting should be something we encourage.

Drudge linked to a very interesting article in The Washington Times today talking about how the House has passed a bill requiring that voters show photo ID to vote by 2008 and provide proof of citizenship by 2010. Ignoring the eight House members who didn’t vote, only four Democrats supported this bill. All the rest of the Democrats, plus 3 Republicans and the lone “independent” (read Socialist), Bernie Sanders, voted against the bill.

The so-called “Voter ID” bill, aimed at stamping out voter fraud, would require voters in federal elections to provide picture identification by 2008 and provide proof of U.S. citizenship by 2010. It was among the recommendations made last year by the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, headed by former President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, a Republican.

“Effective voter registration and voter identification are bedrocks of a modern election system,” they wrote in their final report.

But Democrats, siding with groups that work on behalf of minorities and illegal aliens, called the bill a “modern-day poll tax” and said it would place an insurmountable burden on voters and infringe upon their voting rights.

Did you catch the part I bolded? Democrats are siding with people who work on behalf of illegal aliens, saying that this bill will infringe on their voting rights. Let me make this abundantly clear: Illegal aliens do NOT have voting rights! What part of “ILLEGAL” do these Democrats have a problem comprehending? It’s clear that all but three of the Republicans understand this concept.

Rep. Brian Bilbray, California Republican, countered that the real infringement upon voting rights would be allowing fraudulent votes by the dead or illegal “to cancel out legitimate votes.”

Need more proof that Democrats are unwilling to accept that voter fraud is a problem? Glad you asked.

Democrats, who have long demanded reforms to the federal voting process, [But are completely unwilling to actually do anything about it - CM] yesterday dismissed Republican concerns about voter fraud.

“Show me the examples of the problem you’re trying to solve,” demanded Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat who accused Republicans of trying to appeal to the “fear and — yes, perhaps — the prejudices of people.”

A Republican cited a study by Johns Hopkins University that found 1,500 dead people who had voted in recent elections. Mr. Hoyer belittled the study, saying no criminal convictions for voter fraud had been won in any of those cases.

Mr. Bilbray pointed out that such convictions might be obtained if proper identification were required.

“Voter fraud is not something you can come back to after the fraud is committed,” he said. “The person who voted for those dead people is long gone by the time it comes up on the record.”

I’ve written before about voter fraud and what I’d like to see done to combat it. Photo ID is a good step, and proof of U.S. citizenship is absolutely necessary, but there are other steps we can take to protect our votes and the voting process. Yet Democrats are opposing even the most basic steps. But the reason why they oppose it is not hard to understand.

Democrats are clearly in favor of illegal aliens voting and other forms of voter fraud, because they believe it serves their interests.

Today is May Day, May 1st, 2006, the traditional day of celebration for Socialists and Communists. I remember watching the news programs on May 1st as I grew up, and seeing Soviet tanks and missiles passing by in large parades in Red Square. I’m sure the choice of May 1st as the day for America’s illegal immigrants to demonstrate is purely coincidental. It probably has nothing to do with one of the major organizers being International ANSWER, a subsidiary organization of the American Communist Workers World Party.

On this May Day, many thousands are or will be marching in cities around the U.S. in what is being called a “Day Without Immigrants.” As one local news reader put it, these people are skipping school and work to flex their financial and political clout. But as I see it, the illegal aliens in this country have no political clout because they are not citizens — and unless you are a Democrat, you don’t want non-citizens to vote. On the same top of the hour newscast, one of the marchers stated she was marching because she didn’t agree with the recent bills proposed by Congress to “criminalize illegal immigrants.” How she could state that with a straight face is beyond me. Being illegal means one has broken existing laws by entering the United States illegally. That is what is known as committing a crime. And committing a crime makes you — all together now, class — a criminal!

One of the organizations that participated in the L.A. rally in March was the Mexica Movement. I find it very interesting that the Mexica Movement decries “European racists” (i.e., everyone in the New World with insufficient native ancestry), but everything they stand for is based on their designation as the “Nican Tlaca” people of “Anahuac.” They say that “We include all Full-bloods and Mixed-bloods as Nican Tlaca.” When you hear people talking about “blood,” rest assured that they are talking about race.

What we have with the Mexica Movement are the angry, racist rantings of people who believe that somehow everything has been taken away from them, and if they could only get control of the entire American continent, they would have all the money and power and everything would be good. The trouble is, by tossing out all the people of European descent (other than those whom they like), they will have largely tossed out the brainpower that made this nation special in the first place. This is not to suggest that all people of native descent are stupid and lazy, but the foundations for what constitutes Americanism were largely put in place by people who came here from somewhere else — including the Founding Fathers. But none of that matters to the Mexica Movement. Failing to understand what America is and what makes it great, they would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs; then would come the infighting over the remnants when they discover that prosperity and productivity had died with the goose. This has happened before. Not long ago, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe decided to seize farmland from the owners and put it under the control of his cronies. What followed was mismanagement and starvation. Expect to see the same thing in the West Bank now that it has been turned over to the Palestinians.

Here is a bit of text from the Mexica Movement’s website. I have preserved the centered formatting, but removed the font and color codes.

First, Europeans criminally invade our continent in 1492.
They occupy our continent and all of its lands for over 500 years.
Over the centuries they kill 95% of our population
(70 to 100 million total killed in the “Western Hemisphere”,
33 million killed in “North America” alone),
using the SMALLPOX weapon of mass destruction
(Smallpox is the ugly big secret of European success in killing off 95% of our people).
All of these CRIMES were very dishonorable, savage, and immoral things to do to us.

Without Shame

And now RACISTS tell the 5% of us who have survived this holocaust
that none of our land is ours anymore, and
that all of our continent and all of its wealth of natural resources now belong to Europeans.
They tell us that we should “go back to Mexico”
when most of us of the Mexica Movement were born here,
and we are citizens of the government that rules our lives.
Mexico and “Central America” are also owned and controlled by European descent,
by Europeans are even more Racist White Supremacists there.

Like we said, there are a lot of good white people out there,
but there are also the loud, violent, and low I.Q. Racist White Supremacists
who would easily put us in concentration camps and ovens
if they felt they could get away with it.
Some have already written to us to tell us that they have concentration camps
and hot ovens waiting for us.

Oh, yes, and finally, these same moron Racist White Supremacists
also say that we are not “Indians” (they mean Nican Tlaca, Indigenous),
that we are Spaniards (Europeans).
They know we’re not Spaniards or white (that’s why they call us the “Brown people”)
or anything that is European or else all of this “illegals-borders” issue would not exist!
They say that all the “Indians” were killed and that we’re just Spaniards.
The ignorance and dishonesty of these Racist White Supremacists
is immoral, illogical, untruthful, and an injustice.

Over 30% (over 45 million) of Mexicans and “Central Americans”
are Full-blood Nican Tlaca (Indigenous).
The other 65% (100 to 120 million) or more
are Mixed-Blood, with 3/4 “looking” Nican Tlaca.
The Mixed-bloods are not White.
It is monstrous that they rape our population (mutilate our DNA)
and then they have the monstrous vomit to say that we are not Nican Tlaca
and that even the Full-Bloods of our people are not considered Nican Tlaca
with no rights to our continent or its wealth and no rights to our identity as Nican Tlaca.
How convenient for them: Heads they win, tails we lose.

The majority of African descent people in the U.S. have some European blood,
they speak English (but are not “English”), have British names (but are not “Britanic”),
but all of that rape and cultural corruption
doesn’t deny them the right to call themselves black
or to assert their African heritage.
That same logic goes for our people!
We are not Spanish or Hispanic or Latino!
We are of the Nican Tlaca race!
We are of the Anahuac nation!
We are Mexica in our collective cultural identity!

If you’re still here, congratulations. I apologize for inflicting all that on you, but I think it is necessary that you understand the true nature of some of the people who are demonstrating. These people are not calling for citizenship, as many illegals are. Rather, they demand that the land be cleansed of all Americans of European descent. (How the Mexica Movement can claim it is not racist, when it specifically wants to remove people of European descent from America — and not the multitudes of people of African, East Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and various mixed descents who came from other nations to live in this country — simply defies logical explanation.)

Consider the following real-world situation in my family: one of my nieces has a father who is 100% Navajo, and thus one of the favored indigenous “Nican Tlaca” people. Her mother is visibly of European descent. This little girl visits her father no more than a few days every year, by his own preference; her mother’s family have been her exclusive guardians and caregivers. However, based on the Mexica Movement’s statements, this little girl and her largely-absent father would be able to stay here because they are of the proper race, but her mother and the rest of the family should be booted back to Europe, separating the little girl from the only family she has ever known. Even though the United States extends citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who were born on American soil, the Mexica Movement has no compunction about denying resident status to anyone who was not born “Nican Tlaca.”

Here’s the quandary for supporters of the Mexica Movement — how can you justify who stays and who goes without resorting to race? And since the defining nature of your argument is based on race, does that not make the Mexica Movement, by definition, a racist movement?

The basic Mexica Movement concept of “Yankee go home” is silly at best. If we were to force everyone back to his or her racial homeland, eventually we would all be living in Olduvai Gorge in Africa.

More wisdom from the Mexica Movement website:

QUESTION: When did the problem of illegals start on this continent?

ANSWER: October 12, 1492! Illegal Europeans have been a problem for us for 500 years!

So, what, pray tell, were the laws that Columbus and others violated when they came to the American continent? If “illegal Europeans” have been the problem, then where are the violated laws that make Europeans illegal? (And why, by the way, did you use the evil European calendar date rather than the superior Mesoamerican one?)

What’s next? Italians telling much of Europe and the Middle East that they are reclaiming the lands once controlled by the Roman Empire? What about Iran laying claim to the lands of Greece and Pakistan because of the Persian Empire? That makes about as much sense as claiming the whole of the American continent because your ancestors lived there at some point.

It’s all about race, and about the greedy hands who want what America has become, without having to work for it.

Por la raza todo; fuera de la raza nada.

I spent the last week away from home, and since internet access was very limited, I decided to take a short break from publishing anything. But as I was driving over 2,000 miles in a week, I had some time to think about some subjects. Writing down thoughts as you are driving is a bad idea.

While I was away, I was happy to know that my friend Podkayne was stopping by to get some rest on her own long journey. I knew no one else would be at the house, so I made sure she had a key to the place. She was a welcome guest in my home, and I could trust her not to run off with the good silver. Better than that, she even did some dishes for me! Thanks, Podkayne!

I hope you have family and friends whom you trust enough to use your guest bed if they need it, whether you are there to watch over them or not. But how would you feel if a non-invited person were to enter your home, sleep in your bed, and eat up your food? Whether this unwanted person used a key to unlock the front door, entered through an open window, or used a brick to smash open a lock, there is a name for someone who enters your home uninvited: intruder!

Our nation is our home, and we should be just as concerned about people crossing our borders as we would be about people entering our home at will during the day or night. This is why I’m upset to see how President Bush is failing to fix the issue of illegal aliens in the United States. President Vincente Fox of Mexico made a statement recently that Mexicans (read that as illegal aliens) do work that not even Blacks would do. While this is an offensive statement to Blacks, it also shows Fox’s belief that it is both just and right for his countrymen to break laws to cross illegally into the U.S. And it’s no wonder — the wages that move from the U.S. to Mexico are the second largest money-making industry for Mexico. Fox isn’t going to cut off his national gravy train by stopping Mexicans from crossing into the U.S. Yet it is interesting that the Mexican government is not so lax on its own southern border.

Mexico is not a country starved of resources or filled with lazy people. In the two years I lived in Mexico, I saw hard-working people, but they were prevented from doing as much as they could because of government corruption. When a country offers freedom and protection of people’s rights and property, economic success will follow. Can you point out any country where this is not the case?

Don’t expect to see much from the U.S. government to stem the flood of illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. There is a perception that doing anything against illegal aliens will be seen as an attack on Hispanics who already live in the U.S., but if I were someone from Mexico who had entered legally into the States, I’d be both ashamed of how other Mexicans are illegally crossing into the country and angry that their illegal actions are reflecting negatively on myself. Why is it that the legal immigrants are not policing out the illegals who are crossing into the States?

Could it be that this isn’t happening because the legal immigrants are not identifying themselves as Americans first? There is a very simple reason why Mexicans — or any other group, for that matter — don’t feel like they fit into the larger society, and it isn’t because of skin color. It is language.

English is the common language here in the United States, but it is possible to enter enclaves where Spanish is the only language spoken. In a situation like that, you could spend your whole life never needing to learn English, but there is a limitation to living that way — you are stuck in that enclave. Leaving the enclave requires learning a new language, and choosing not to learn English means you are limited to certain jobs, certain places to live and shop, and certain opportunities you can provide your children. Do you really want to place limitations on your children? You will, if you never learn to speak English.

Before I visited Singapore for the second time, I spent several months studying spoken and written Chinese. I never got very good at it, and I realized that it didn’t help me all that much since I was practicing Mandarin, and all the friends I met in Singapore spoke either Cantonese or Hokkien at home. Also, the traditional characters I learned to read and write were different from the simplified Chinese used in Singapore. This island nation has four official languages: Chinese, Malay, English, and Tamil. It was fun watching the same commercial on TV done in four different languages. Because Singapore is as polyglot as it is, I didn’t feel as bad that I didn’t learn the right version of spoken Chinese, but at least I made the attempt.

I lived in Germany for three years. We could have lived on the military base with the rest of the Americans, but we preferred to live in a small town away from the base. Frau Roch spoke excellent English, having lived in the States for several years. Our landlord had a working English vocabulary of about 400-500 words, and it is amazing how much information you can communicate with that many words. Frau Fuchs didn’t speak a word of English, but over time we were able to talk with her in halting sentences. Frau Roch confessed that even she had a hard time talking to Frau Fuchs because of her old-fashioned accent. While I never became perfectly fluent in German, I got good enough to travel about, and I didn’t have problems buying items in the stores. People even stopped me to ask for directions, and assuming I knew where the place was, I was happy to direct them. My main limitation to learning better German came from spending most of my time in my own English-speaking enclave. High school was all in English, my family and friends all spoke English with each other, and my job was in English. But notwithstanding all that, I made a good attempt at learning the language of the land.

I spent only two years in Mexico, but my Spanish became much better than my German ever did, even with the extra year living in Germany. Since I didn’t live in a little English-speaking enclave, I had to learn Spanish as fast as I could just to be understood. It took much study and practice, but I became very fluent in Spanish. I remember visiting a cement tile factory and talking with the head craftsman there. He thought that I, with my blond hair, was a native-speaking albino rather than an American gringo. I knew I was really speaking Spanish well when the people stopped noting how good my Spanish was and just talked with me. At one point I was so immersed in Spanish that speaking English became very difficult. I had to really think hard to speak in English with the occasional Americans I encountered, or I would just lapse back into Spanish.

If I had to depend on people speaking English to me while I lived in Mexico, I couldn’t have traveled through the northern states as I did. I would have been stuck at home with books and whatever English TV or radio I could find. My opportunities would have been very limited, and I probably would have been frustrated to tears being stuck in my little area. It was very hard work for me to learn Spanish, but the effort was well worth the time and the struggle. And since I was the minority in the country, it was up to me to learn the people’s language.

I don’t care where you emigrated from; now that you are here in the United States, the first thing you should do is learn English. It’s the best thing you can do for your own future and for the future of your children.

I have written about illegal immigration in the past, but the time has come to revisit the subject. Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge said before a town meeting in Florida, “The bottom line is, as a country we have to come to grips with the presence of 8 to 12 million illegals, afford them some kind of legal status some way, but also as a country decide what our immigration policy is and then enforce it.” I agree 100% with his last part. We do need to decide what our immigration policy is and enforce it. Currently, the federal government and many states turn a blind eye to the problem of illegal aliens. In my mother-in-law’s school, there are many families that she is certain are in this country illegally, but she is prohibited from asking them for proof of citizenship or immigration papers. This is a kind of stupidity only the government could create: make a show of guarding our borders from aliens, but ignore them when they get inside.

This new proposal on immigration by President Bush is based in legislation already drafted by three Arizona Republicans : Rep. Jim Kolbe, Rep. Jeff Flake, and Sen. John McCain. The first part of this legislation would make it easier for businesses to bring in an unspecified number of aliens for low-wage jobs, and the second part would allow illegal aliens and their extended families who are already hiding in the U.S. to remain here legally. The administration claims this isn’t an amnesty plan because the illegal aliens would need to wait for some time and pay a fee before obtaining legal permission to stay, but if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and shouts “AFLAC!” like a duck, then it’s a duck, President Bush. And this is an amnesty program, regardless of what political verbiage is used.

What would happen if you announced to the community at large that the Krispy Kreme donut shop would be giving away boxes of donuts to everyone who drops by before midnight? Before the announced deadline, people would be rushing through the doors to get their hands on the free food. This is human nature. Now that the administration has announced a general “Ollie Ollie oxen free!” for illegals, what do you think has happened to the rate of illegals pouring across our borders? If you said the rate has gone up since the announcement, give yourself a gold star on the forehead. And if you think that we have lots of people pouring across our borders now, just wait until the legislation passes and the cutoff time for free entry draws close. Our borders will show just how porous they really are. And here’s the big worry: mixed in with the floods of decent people looking for a new and better life for themselves and their families, how many evil-minded terrorists will also pass through our borders? In a time when our nation’s safety is considered so important that a new cabinet-level post was created – the Secretary of Homeland Security – why is the administration proposing a plan that will raise the illegal immigrant rate in the same manner as actress Charlize Theron raised her weight for the movie Monster, by binging on Krispy Kreme donuts?

I am strongly against illegal immigration and the government’s approval of it, but I am very much in favor of legal immigration. Now before you get your undies in a bunch, let me clarify that I am not a racist. I do not care what country you come from, your age, race, sex, or ethnic background. I do care if you will be a honest and law-abiding visitor or aspiring citizen-to-be. As long as you enter the country legally, then I welcome you with open arms. If you cannot be an honest and law-abiding visitor, then I don’t want you even to think of heading toward the U.S. If you enter illegally, then I want the screen door to hit you on the butt hard as you leave this nation.

And don’t ever come back.

Have you ever noticed that there are places where you feel free to just walk on in, and other places where you always knock first? When I visit my Grandma, I never knock; I just walk on in and give her a big hug. I also learned that I could just walk into my mom-in-law’s house with a shout of “Who’s naked?” to let people know I was there. But when I visit my parents, I always knock first, and I don’t really know why. I certainly feel perfectly accepted in my parents’ home, so it is not as if there is some barrier of unkind feelings in place. The only thing I can possibly think that would explain the difference is the newness of my parents’ place. I guess it just does not feel like home to me.

In the not-so-distant past, people used to know their neighbors more than we do today. It was no big deal to pop over to the next-door neighbor to ask for a cup of milk or some eggs. But I think those days have passed us by. Do you have that type of relationship with your neighbors, or are you like most of us–too busy to just sit down and get to know them? There is something sad about how the times have changed this way. If you are like most people, you might recognize your neighbors, but you would be hard pressed to remember their names. And like most people, you probably keep the house locked up tight while you are home and away.

Would you mind if your neighbors felt comfortable enough in your home to just walk in uninvited? Would you care if they brought their friends with them or showed complete strangers how easy it was to waltz on into your unlocked home? If you are like me and a product of our times, the idea of someone unknown having access to the house gives you the heebie-jeebies. Now imagine that some nutcase has issued death threats against you and your family, and he has already been caught once burglarizing your home. Would you ever leave the doors unlocked? No! You would buy some extra deadbolts and install a potent security system. After all, we are talking about your family!

Right now, our nation is like an unlocked house. Every day illegal aliens cross the porous borders into our national home. If everyone were kind and thoughtful, then we would not mind them dropping by to say hello. But since there are people out there whose primary goal in life is to kill us, it is foolhardy to leave the doors open and let everyone into our nation. Before you think I am anti-immigrant, let me clearly state that I am not. I am all in favor of legal immigrants, as I am a descendant of legal immigrants. If you are a foreigner and you want to become a law-abiding citizen of the United States, I welcome you with open arms. But if you start off by breaking the law as you illegally sneak into this country, I do not have much faith that you will improve your outlook on our country and our laws. And if you are someone who has illegally crossed these borders, then I do not want you to remain in this country. I do not care whether you came from Mexico or Canada, Hong Kong or England. If you did not get here legally, then you are persona non grata, and I want you gone.

Is this harsh? No harsher than calling the cops to boot out someone who has broken into your home. I do not see a difference between the protection I want surrounding my home, and that which I want surrounding my nation. But not everyone sees it this way. My mom-in-law teaches grade school, and she knows which families are here illegally, but she cannot ask the parents or the kids if they are. If she did, she would be sued and possibly fired. Apparently this question violates their civil rights, but how does anyone have the civil right to do something illegal? This must somehow make sense in the minds of the liberals who drafted these laws and the loony ACLU who fought for these “rights.”

I once stood on a bridge crossing the Rio Grande, right on the painted line marking the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In the fifteen minutes I stood there and watched, I counted eight people wading through the low-running river and passing through a fence into the United States. One lady paid a kid to push her across the river in a little raft so she would not have the tell-tale wet pants of someone who had just waded the river. Multiply this scenario by the long length of the U.S.-Mexico border, and you may begin to get an idea of just how porous our borders are.

Governor Gray Davis of California signed the Illegal Alien Drivers’ License bill on Sept. 5, 2003. At that time he said, “They deserve the right to drive.” No, Governor, they do not deserve that right. They are not here legally, so they should not enjoy the privileges that come with legal status. Gov. Davis knows that this is a terrible idea, since he vetoed the bill twice already, but now that he is desperate to keep his governorship, he is blatantly catering to the Latino vote. And since the Motor-Voter laws make it simple to register to vote if you have a driver’s license, this opens up California to massive voter fraud. For this act alone, Gov. Davis should be removed from office. Harsh? Yes. But anyone who is this willing to throw open the doors to illegal aliens has violated his oath of office to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And this law makes it ridiculously easy for foreign enemies to gain a valid driver’s license in California and spread out through our home–the United States–to do their work of evil. I think it’s high time that we called the cops to kick them out of our home.