Now hear this!Victor Davis Hanson writes so very well. I wish I had a modicum of his talent, but I’ll get by with just pointing people to his writing instead. Go read a recent article that ties together Helen Thomas, Turkey, and the recent PR nightmare of the “peace flotilla” sent to Gaza. To whet your appetite, here is how he sums up the current situation for Israel, but go read the whole thing.

Israelis should assume by now that whether they act tentatively or strongly, the negative reaction will be the same. Therefore why not project the image of a strong, unapologetic country to a world that has completely lost its moral bearings, and is more likely to respect Israel’s strength than its past concern for meeting an impossible global standard?

How odd that the more the activists, political leaders, and media figures issue moral strictures against Israel, the more they prove abjectly amoral. And the more they seek to pressure Israel, the more they are liberating it to do what it feels it must.