“There is no link between Saddam and the attacks on 9/11!” I’ve heard that said over and over again, and my quick response has always been, “Who told you there was a link?” The Left has blasted the Bush administration over claims of Iraq-9/11 connections, but President Bush has repeatedly stated that while there are links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, there aren’t links between Iraq and 9/11.

I ask “Who told you?” because there are some people on the Right who say there is a link. But you won’t hear much in the mainstream media about the links between Iraq, al-Qaeda and 9/11. When an acquaintance told me point-blank that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, I responded by asking if she had heard the news stories about Salman Pak. I believed her when she said she had never heard of it, because the media have been collectively guilty when it comes to reporting what we have discovered in Iraq.

And this under-reporting is still going on. I wrote how President Bush has commanded that many documents seized in Iraq be made public, and information about these documents is beginning to be revealed. A few papers are publishing the information as it is translated, but it appears to me that they they are dragging their heels, reporting this news only grudgingly if at all. ABC reported on some of the documents, but Michelle Malkin points out how the editors have placed disclaimers after each document cited. She finishes with the following question:

Will we see that helpful disclaimer–”this document is of limited evidentiary value”–the next time ABC News or Newsweek or the NYTimes or the Washington Post uses unnamed, uncorroborated informants?

Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters has posted a long article today about some of the information pulled from the document dump. It is well worth your time to read Ed’s reaction and the whole article by Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard.

Truth will out, but it will come slowly due to the volume of documents that must be translated, and because of the unwillingness of the mainstream media to make the content of these documents public knowledge.