My mom once illustrated the futility of relying on mere words to raise kids. A woman once visited the house with her little kid in tow. Being a 2- or 3-year-old tyke, he was all over the place and into everything. The mother, when she responded to his actions, would tell the little hellion to stop what he was doing with a very gentle “No, no, no.” The tiny terror had long since developed mommy deafness and kept on doing whatever he wanted. Since what he wanted was to tear the leaves off my mom’s plant, the mere use of words to stop him would have resulted in naked stems. Mom finally intervened by physically removing the tot from the wounded plant.

Words were obviously of no use when dealing with a kid with such an advanced case of mommy deafness. Only through physical intervention was disaster averted. He was a spoiled brat, and it was way past time that he be spanked. Nations can act like spoiled brats, too. Iraq was gassing its people and neighbors, sponsoring terrorism, and invading other nations. The “adults” of the world in the U. N. Security Council spent years saying “No, no, no” to Iraq, but the words of their resolutions had no more effect on that brat of a nation than did the milksop mutterings of that mild mother. It took physical intervention to stop the Iraqi brat.

Do you think the need for action and not talk would have taught the nations of the U. N. Security Council a lesson? Ha, fat chance! The Security Council has shown that it is just as willing to rely on meaningless and ineffectual mutterings of “No, no, no” to the brats who are hell-bent to rip the leaves off plants as it ever has been. Iran is rushing towards developing nuclear weapons, and the U. N. talks and threatens to talk some more.

And talk is all we will get out of the U. N. Security Council as long as Russia and China are more willing to take Iranian money than they are willing to create peace. With their veto on any meaningful action, the U. N. is limited to the political equivalent of shaking a finger and saying, “Now, Junior, we don’t want to mess up the nice lady’s plant, do we? You’d better stop now. Don’t make me say ‘No, no, no” at you again.”