OK, so I finished watching the last episode of “24″ just now, and it was good! But as much as I liked it, I’m glad I didn’t follow this on TV. I don’t like dictating my life based on when a show appears on TV, so watching 1-3 episodes when I feel like it appeals to me.

And did I mention no commercials?

Bottom line: good series, but it is very tiring to watch. I think I’ll hold off a bit before doing the season 2 marathon.

I am a movie junkie. There have been too many Saturdays where I have watched 3-5 movies because I didn’t have anything better to do that day. Hmm… I hope the wife isn’t reading this. I’m sure she has some items on her Honey-Do list that I’ve successfully dodged so far.

I get all these movies from the local Hollywood Video store for a cheap monthly fee of $15. I break even if I only watch four videos in a month, and anything beyond that is gravy. These days, I am swimming in gravy. I have written about movies before here, here, and here. But this is going to be a bit different, because today I’m going to blather about TV.

I normally don’t watch TV. I would guess that I watch less than 3 hours of TV in a week, and that’s a high-usage week. But I have been watching a bunch of TV this last week. And I have been watching TV the best way — without commercials.

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and picked up the DVDs of the first season of 24. The next episode to watch covers 4pm-5pm. TPK says it is the most exhausting show to watch.

I agree.