I have lots of Stikfas toys, and I’m not above taking photos of them. Recently I was given a little toy and asked to include it with my Stikfas at work.

Stikfas and a Visitor

Some Stikfas toys and a visitor on my monitor.

From left to right, they are the White Ninja, Pirate and Skeleton buddies, Archangel and Demoness, Master Assassin, Chinese Warrior Monk, Beefeater, Breezie, and Black Samurai.

Yes, that’s Breezie from the My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic television series who snuck in there. A certain someone in the home, who shall remain nameless but who is not a big fan of doing math homework, is a big fan of the show. And I’m man enough to admit that I like the show, too. But only in this hard to read font.

She also picked up Applejack, but she got placed on my monitor at home. And since I know you are dying to ask, I’ll tell you that my favorite My Little Ponies character is Big McIntosh.


The Pharaoh didn’t know what to do, so he visited his mummy for advice.

Pharaoh and his Mummy

While in San Francisco, I dropped by a toy store and found one of the Stikfas toys I had been looking for — in this case, the G2 Sigma Male Egyptian. The mummy in my picture doesn’t come with the Egyptian on the right. It’s actually the skeleton that comes with the Pirate Stikfas, but he’s been moonlighting to make some extra money for the holidays.

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Looks like the Viking mocked the Beta Female Warrior one too many times. A brief tussle ensued, and she totally kicked his butt nine ways from Wednesday. Do not mock the Beta Female Warrior, for she has a large Dragon, and you are tasty and full of catsup. The Phantom stands ready to reap the Viking’s soul. This was the gripping tableau on my monitor at work for a few days. I’ll spare you the follow-up picture of the Warrior holding the Viking’s severed head, complete with dripping pseudo-blood.

A very close shave

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Below is a photo taken of my Stikfas Beta Female Safari breaking through the “glass ceiling” with the help of her Jungle Cat. Actually, in this case she’s breaking through the steel company shelf.

Breaking through the corporate glass ceiling!

Now that this post is up, and I’ve finished listening to General Conference, it’s about time I finished typing my list of steps for solving the illegal immigration problem.

But I probably won’t do that right now. I ache all over, and it feels like I’m running a fever. I don’t even have the energy to sit at my computer and play games. I’m dictating this post to my lovely wife, who’s typing this for me. Being sick sucks.

p.s. You can look for all the Stikfas posts here.

The Blue Samurai was not fast enough to save the pirate from falling off the monitor. The battle with the Red Knight was brutal, and when it was over, there was the Knight. And there was the Knight.

With everyone gone, the Samurai was free to drink down the rest of the pirate’s rum. Arr! The Knight’s ghost looked down at his sliced body and realized that he probably should have practiced more.

To the victor goes the rum!

p.s. You can look for all the Stikfas posts here.

I came home late from a full day of teaching a class at work to an empty house. The nifty wife is off to visit her family out of state, and I’m here all alone. But I have my movies and my games to keep me occupied.

Better yet, I found a big box on the doorstep with my recent order of Stikfas! I should finish typing up my comment dealing with the South Dakota abortion bill, but I think I’ll put together my new Armored Knight with Stallion instead.

If you are good, I’ll post some pictures. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some important work to do.

Update: the Knight spotted the skeleton harassing the pirate and took care of him. The pirate is so happy he’s ready to kiss the Knight’s boots. Either that, or he’s going to hurl from all the rum he drank earlier.

Knight triumphant!

Yar harr! The two Stikfas pirates that took over my computer monitor got into a fracas. The trouble started when the red pirate stole the bottle of rum the skeleton was holding (and the skeleton’s arm, too). But when the pirate got drunk, the skeleton rescued his arm!

The pirate is a mean drunk, and he ran the skeleton through with his saber – not that it could do much to someone who was already dead. Wisely, the red pirate decided to give up when confronted by the business end of a pistol.

OK, I want the new Stikfas toys I ordered today to get here NOW!

Yar harr!

Help! Pirates have taken over my computer monitor! Happily for me, they seem more interested in their bottle of rum than writing in this blog. In the picture, you can see the red pirate has taken the bony pirate’s arm — the one holding the rum. He pushed the skeleton off the monitor, but he’s got a handhold before falling off. TPK says he should be called “Jolly Roger” or perhaps “Mr. Grim.” Judging by how he’s hanging on, the latter name sounds better.


These are Stikfas toys, specifically the Alpha Male Pirate with Skeleton. I decided that the Beta Female Warrior and Dragon needed to go to the office, and I brought the pirates home. They stare at me and say, “Arrrr you writing anything yet?”

UPDATE (3/2/2006 5:51:07 PM): The tables have turned!