I did some travelling in 2013 (far more than posting here), and I saw some signs that made me think.  The first was a sign I spotted in one of the Disney World park restrooms.

Instructions on how to wash your hands.

How to wash your hands.

Uh, if you are old enough to be able to read the sign and you don’t know how to wash your hands properly, you have a problem that this sign alone won’t be able to fix. The good news is there are instructions to help.

The second sign appeared in a restaurant in Oregon, and it made me weep for the youth of this nation.

Please bo not wash hands.

Bo… or bo not, there is no try.

Please, if you are going to try your hand at graffiti, at least be able to spell two-letter words properly.

The restaurant redeemed itself with another bit of graffiti that made me laugh the first time I saw it.  Someone had altered the baby changing station logo.

Baby hanging station.

Baby Hanging Station

Evil. But funny!

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