I have lots of Stikfas toys, and I’m not above taking photos of them. Recently I was given a little toy and asked to include it with my Stikfas at work.

Stikfas and a Visitor

Some Stikfas toys and a visitor on my monitor.

From left to right, they are the White Ninja, Pirate and Skeleton buddies, Archangel and Demoness, Master Assassin, Chinese Warrior Monk, Beefeater, Breezie, and Black Samurai.

Yes, that’s Breezie from the My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic television series who snuck in there. A certain someone in the home, who shall remain nameless but who is not a big fan of doing math homework, is a big fan of the show. And I’m man enough to admit that I like the show, too. But only in this hard to read font.

She also picked up Applejack, but she got placed on my monitor at home. And since I know you are dying to ask, I’ll tell you that my favorite My Little Ponies character is Big McIntosh.


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