For years now, I’ve heard President George W. Bush called “Bush Jr.,” but he’s not really a Junior. After all, his name is George Walker Bush, and his father is George Herbert Walker Bush. The proper term to differentiate President Bush from his presidential father is “the younger.” That’s the term that has been used to distinguish Pliny, Seneca, and William Pitt from their same-name elders.

But we all know that people have and continue to use “Bush Jr.” to diminish him. It’s an easy way to mock him as somehow not being as good or as worthy as his father, and the vast majority of times I have read or heard “Bush Jr.,” it has been done by some liberal actively disparaging the president. Yes, his family gave him the nickname of Junior, but are you so close with the former president that you are on a nickname basis with him? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

An election later, and now we have a real junior in the White House. President Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama II. His father is Barack Hussein Obama I. The roman numeral at the end of the name is just another way of indicating Senior and Junior.

So if you want to be correct in addressing the President as Junior, President Obama is the real Junior, not President Bush. Besides, as I watch the lack of experience in the Oval Office, I am reminded that Obama Junior is a neophyte when it comes to being an executive. He could get away with voting “present” most of the time when he was a state senator, but he is far out of his depths as President of the United States.

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