Some random thoughts that have been rattling through my head for the last few weeks:

If you are uncertain how the current administration will react to some situation, just identify the action most likely to increase the government’s size and power, and you will know exactly how the government will act.

Posters have appeared at my work telling us when and how to wash our hands. Since I work at a company that hires people for their smarts, this seems to be a bad sign.

The call to shoot the Somali pirates was the right call to make, and kudos to Pres. Obama for making that decision. But why is the President making such a tactical decision?

And speaking of the President making a tactical decision, the military once had Osama bin Laden in its sights, but because President Clinton stalled and didn’t make the decision, that golden opportunity was lost. Read Dereliction of Duty for how that happened.

Pres. Obama didn’t actually order the attack on the Somali pirates. What he called for was “a tax” on the pirates.

Why does Hollywood think it is a good idea to take a wonderful story and change it into a terrible movie? The Dark is Rising is a great book by Susan Cooper, but “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising” is a trés crappy movie.

If the President asks a mix of Democrats and Republicans for their opinion, and their response comes along party lines, then the issue is a political one, and the President may respond politically. But if the response comes back unanimously, then it isn’t a political issue and shouldn’t be handled politically.

The current CIA director and five of the past directors, appointed by Republican and Democrat Presidents, responded unanimously to Pres. Obama that releasing the memos outlining the enhanced interrogation techniques would be a bad idea. Obama ignored their united advice and released the information anyway. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I’ve noticed some people are saying that the recession is showing signs of bottoming out, and we may come out of it this year. If that’s the case, can we please repeal all the “stimulus” sections of the budget that haven’t even kicked in yet? There’s no need to saddle future generations with debt over a stimulus package that is no longer needed.

The more I read about President Obama and what he says, the more I realize that this nation has elected a n00b.

People claim that President Obama is a skilled orator. I wouldn’t know because I don’t listen to him. In matters political I have long preferred to read, rather than hear, the things people say. After all, I’m much more interested in content than in form.

I delete any email I get that ends with a call to forward it on to everyone I know. I see that plea to forward it on as an acknowledgement that the content isn’t worth forwarding on its own.

In other news, even though the depression in the yard has been filled in and no longer becomes a pond after a hard rain, the ducks returned once this week. And again the female duck was hogging most of the bread.

Hungry ducks

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