It seems like every day I keep seeing reminders on TV about the great digital TV switch-over coming Feb. 17th. If you aren’t ready, your TV may not work! *gasp* *faint*

OK, so I’m not all that concerned, but the government is. Here’s a report on MSNBC explaining the problem with the switch-over:

The Nielsen Co. said recently that while 85 percent of households are ready for the digital transition, nearly 6 percent are not at all, and another 9 percent are “partially ready.”

“Partially ready” means “you may have four TV sets in the house, and three are connected to cable and one is an analog set that isn’t,” said Anne Elliot of the Nielsen Co. “It means at least one working TV set in the household would not be able to get a digital signal.” That set could be one that is “used in the kids’ bedroom to watch DVDs,” for example, she said.

So everything needs to be put on hold because of “nearly” 6% of the U.S. isn’t ready for the switch? I say, “screw ‘em.” But I’m a mean-spirited guy. If the final 6% haven’t gotten ready yet, and the switch-over is two weeks away, what are the odds that we will still have about 6% not ready when the next deadline comes? And thanks to the quick action of our government, the Feb. 17th deadline they mandated has been remandated to June 12th.

Confused about the digital TV switch-over? Happily, there is help:

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