It’s the day that everyone loves to hate, April 15th. If you haven’t already filled out your 1040 tax form, there are only a few hours left to do so, or at least fill out an extension.

I have my 1040 form in an envelope right next to me ready to be mailed out today. Since we knew that we’d have to write a check this year, we didn’t see any reason to give the government our money any sooner than it is required. Since we had sold some stock last year, we knew we’d need to pay taxes, so we took 20% of our stock sale and placed it in a savings account. It has been earning us interest since, so why would we send a check to the Department of the Treasury any sooner than is necessary? On the other hand, when we expect a refund, I like to get that submitted as soon as possible. After all, I earned it by working hard, so I’d like it back as soon as possible.

Berkeley Breathed summed up my feelings about income tax in a “Bloom County” comic from 20 years ago. Click the image to see it full size.

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I wonder if the IRS will notice that my envelope is addressed to the “Infernal Revenue Service”?

UPDATE (5/11/2010 4:45:03 PM): This has become my most popular page since I posted it just over a year ago. Breathed does a great job of summing up the tax experience for people.

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