Paul Mirengoff over at Power Line blog encapsulated the nature of government efficiency in two paragraphs:

The government has failed dramatically in its effort to make the swine flu vaccine widely available. We’re quickly approaching the time by which this was supposed to have been accomplished, but the government is nowhere close to having accomplished it. In July the Obama administration said that 80 to 120 million doses could be ready by mid-October. But now, in late October, only about 16.5 millions doses have become available.

When a similar faiure occurred in 2004, the Democrats blamed President Bush. But I don’t blame President Obama. I blame the fact that the federal government isn’t very good at delivering most services in a timely manner. The stated reasons vary from case to case, but the result is generally the same.

And this is the same far-reaching, power-grabbing government that believes it will properly manage the car industry, financial organizations, and health care in a manner better than the private sector can? It never has before, so why do liberals think that government will do a better job this time?

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