On a snowy Saturday evening in a sleepy Utah town, my wife and I were picking up some snacks in a supermarket for the 900+ mile trip we were shortly to take. The store was mostly empty, but we did see someone in the chips and snacks isle.

This guy was wearing a sweatshirt with a huge “FAH” on it. Smaller writing underneath explained what that meant, “F— All Haters.” My wife, model of decorum and womanly virtues, said “Did his shirt really say ‘F— All Haters’?” in a loud voice sufficient to be heard by the guy. As she explained later, if he’s willing to wear a crass shirt in public like that, he should be willing to hear it commented about.

Later we went outside to put our food away in the car, and of the 6 or 7 cars in the parking lot, one stood out. It was running and had really loud rap music pumping out. The music was so loud that it was causing the rear hatch window to vibrate in its frame, making an interesting buzz with the beat. But the most interesting thing about the car was that it was empty. Yep, the owner had left it running and pounding out rap crap while shopping in the store.

Before we finished loading the car, we saw FAH-boy show up, unlock the incredibly thumping car, and get on in. We weren’t too surprised to see that the same inconsiderate jerk who was willing to wear the f-bomb on his shirt in public was the same inconsiderate jerk who was willing to blast craptastic rap music from his car while inside the store shopping. As further evidence of his nature, he flipped us off as he drove away.


Here’s hoping that your 2008 will be jerk-free.

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