It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or look over a news website today without seeing at least one, if not many, articles about Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin since Sen. McCain selected her to be his vice presidential running mate. The Sunday edition of our newspaper source of coupons is yet another example of the current liberal media hype. “Inside Palin’s turbulent first year as mayor,” it announced in large bold type. Turning to page A18 to continue the article, I discovered that the story filled the entire page. A sub-heading stated, “She demanded loyalty from department heads.” Boy, I hope so. It would be really stupid to surround yourself with employees who don’t like you or follow your policies.

I really don’t have a horse in this race. There isn’t a hope in hell that I would vote for Sen. Obama and his love affair with Marxism, but Sen. McCain doesn’t thrill me, either. I was surprised at Gov. Palin’s selection because I hadn’t heard much about her before the announcement. And unless you are a political news junkie and/or live in Alaska, it’s probable that you hadn’t heard her name more than five times before either.

I find it interesting that for the small amount of Palin news coverage in the lower 48 states, it didn’t take long for the liberal left to develop a seething hatred for her. You’d think that the self-proclaimed champions of women would applaud a successful woman like Palin, but she isn’t a liberal woman, so she doesn’t count. And so it’s full speed ahead with the politics of destruction. I had to laugh when someone at work told me that she couldn’t support Palin since she didn’t write her own acceptance speech. “She’s just parroting the talking points from the right!” she explained to me. Never mind that my co-worker was just parroting the talking points from the left.

Yes, the left is all abuzz with hatred and rumors about Palin. (If you are having a hard time keeping up with them, I suggest visiting Charlie Martin’s numbered list of rumors, followed by the truth.) As my wife pointed out, “It’s as though all the freight train of hatred and derogation earmarked for Bush has leaped the track and headed for Palin instead.” And I agree. Lefties who have been fully afflicted with “Bush Derangement Syndrome” are now testing positive for “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” Michelle Malkin has been doing a good job of reporting examples of PDS on her site. While you are there, I strongly suggest that you read her excellent article about the four stages of conservative female abuse.

My wife has suggested that Republicans should always be in control of the country, for the simple reason that they encourage journalists to do their jobs–the liberal-dominated media will carefully scrutinize everything conservatives do, whereas they tend to give liberals a pass on all but the most heinous activities. This explains why it took so very long for the media to investigate Sen. Edward’s admitted infidelity. Regardless of my opinion of the left-leaning full-page article in today’s fish-wrapper, the 96 column-inches of story prove that the media can do investigative journalism. But it seems to happen only when they are politically motivated to do so.

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