When my wife was in eighth grade, her biology teacher had a bulletin board with the large image of a cartoon frog on it under the word, “Observe.” After a few weeks, she went to the teacher and asked, “The frog’s eyes are changing where they look, aren’t they?” She was the first kid in the class to notice the subtle change of the frog’s eyes and bring it to the teacher’s attention.

We have a little wooden artist’s figurine, the kind commonly used to sketch the human form, that we keep on the top of our piano. Because it can be posed, we are constantly changing what it is doing. At various times, it has been running, jumping, dancing, singing, and even acting as a waiter. Currently it is holding two toys, a little doll and a teddy bear. TPK even knitted a figurine-sized scarf for it. That scarf has been used to create everything from a turban to a waiter’s towel to a sumo wrap. We have had this figurine long enough that our family is used to the way it changes position every day or so. And they often join in on the fun.

My dad gave me a nice self-winding watch for Christmas, and I have been wearing it almost every day since then. I like self-winding watches more than the more common battery-driven watches. I guess I like the sound and feel of it as I shake my wrist to wind it up. My watch displays both the date and the day of the week, which is better than just the date my previous watch had. The days of the week are small three-letter abbreviations in black, except Saturday and Sunday which display in teal and red, respectively. If I wanted, I could also have the days of the week show up in Spanish. But for all the time I have been wearing the watch, I only today noticed that the back is clear glass, nicely showing off the inner workings.

All this goes to show that no matter how much you think you observe your surroundings, there is bound to be something that you haven’t yet noticed. Spend a few minutes today looking around. I’m sure you will notice something you didn’t realize was there. And once you have noticed that, keep looking around. There are more things just crying out to be observed.

Speaking of which, my carpool is here, and I didn’t notice it.

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