So Sen. McCain won all 57 delegates from Florida by finishing with 100,000 more votes than Gov. Romney. Michelle Malkin points out an interesting aspect of the Florida vote, but I’m going to go with an honest win for McCain since I’m no Al Gore.

Since McCain’s victory, I’ve read and heard many reports gushing about how McCain is a juggernaut and can’t be stopped. But here’s something to consider about the recent Republican primary in Florida: people in the media are claiming that McCain is the obvious and proper Republican candidate now that he has 28 more delegate votes than his closest competition, Romney. But no one was anointing Romney as the obvious Republican candidate last week, when he was 29 points over his closest competition, McCain.

Why? Well, knowing the bias of the mainstream media, it’s no wonder that they like the more liberal McCain over Romney. And I, for one, don’t take my political cues from the leftist media.

When my wife was in eighth grade, her biology teacher had a bulletin board with the large image of a cartoon frog on it under the word, “Observe.” After a few weeks, she went to the teacher and asked, “The frog’s eyes are changing where they look, aren’t they?” She was the first kid in the class to notice the subtle change of the frog’s eyes and bring it to the teacher’s attention.

We have a little wooden artist’s figurine, the kind commonly used to sketch the human form, that we keep on the top of our piano. Because it can be posed, we are constantly changing what it is doing. At various times, it has been running, jumping, dancing, singing, and even acting as a waiter. Currently it is holding two toys, a little doll and a teddy bear. TPK even knitted a figurine-sized scarf for it. That scarf has been used to create everything from a turban to a waiter’s towel to a sumo wrap. We have had this figurine long enough that our family is used to the way it changes position every day or so. And they often join in on the fun.

My dad gave me a nice self-winding watch for Christmas, and I have been wearing it almost every day since then. I like self-winding watches more than the more common battery-driven watches. I guess I like the sound and feel of it as I shake my wrist to wind it up. My watch displays both the date and the day of the week, which is better than just the date my previous watch had. The days of the week are small three-letter abbreviations in black, except Saturday and Sunday which display in teal and red, respectively. If I wanted, I could also have the days of the week show up in Spanish. But for all the time I have been wearing the watch, I only today noticed that the back is clear glass, nicely showing off the inner workings.

All this goes to show that no matter how much you think you observe your surroundings, there is bound to be something that you haven’t yet noticed. Spend a few minutes today looking around. I’m sure you will notice something you didn’t realize was there. And once you have noticed that, keep looking around. There are more things just crying out to be observed.

Speaking of which, my carpool is here, and I didn’t notice it.

The title of the MSNBC article by Senior Producer John W. Schoen is “Can government turn the economy around?” The answer is a loud yes. Government, by its action and inaction, can turn a healthy economy sick just as it can turn a sick economy healthy. But it really depends on what the government plans are. In a nutshell, if the government butts out of the economy and allows people to engage in commerce without restrictive and repressive rules and regulations, the economy can soar. When the government plays the role of buttinski, their actions can cause the economy to sour. Here is the second paragraph from the article:

Theres no shortage of ideas in an election year. But it remains to be seen just how much the government can do to halt the continued slide in an economy battered by falling housing prices, rising energy costs and a lending slowdown caused by worries about how many more loans will go bad.

Let’s take a quick look at the three woes in Schoen’s article. Housing prices are falling because they have risen in a speculative market driven by house flippers and low interest rates. Rising energy costs can be blamed on an increase in demand for oil as nations like India and China want to get out of the 20th Century and join the 21st. But some of the blame for the increase can be laid at the feet of government and government regulation. We haven’t built a new nuclear power plant in the U.S. for over 30 years, and environmental nutjobs have succeeded in preventing the U.S. from tapping into much of our own available oil fields. And the loan crisis was caused by the government forcing companies to give loans to high-risk people, or they would be labeled as discriminating racists and prosecuted by government thugs. Now that — surprise, surprise — these high-risk people are defaulting on their loans, government thugs like Senator Clinton are bashing those same loan companies as being “predatory.” Politicians get to look good twice: first when they cause a problem, and later when they try to “fix” the same problem they created.

European and Asian markets are struggling today because of their worry over a U.S. recession. So, what can the government do that could stimulate the economy? Quite simply, the government could just get out of the way. The more government butts into our jobs and tells us what we can and can’t do, the harder it is for us to do our jobs. And possibly the easiest way for the government to leave us alone is by lowering the tax rates. As I have written before, you get more of that which you reward, and less of that which you punish, and taxes certainly are punitive on people working and doing business.

But it appears we may instead get a tax rebate. According to this news report, Pres. Bush is considering up to an $800 tax rebate, similar to the $300 tax rebate that was given in 2001. But whether it is a tax rebate or a tax rate cut, it will have to pass the Democrats in Congress. And knowing that, I have to wonder whether Democrats are really willing to help.

Here’s their dilemma — if Democrats do nothing or block any attempt by the White House to improve the economy, they could use a weak economy to push themselves forward. But doing so politically would mean hurting the little people the Democrats say they support. Time will tell whether the Democrats in Congress will put their own political fortunes ahead of the national interest. has an interesting quote from Sen. Hillary Clinton (Dingbat-NY) that just begs to be explained.

A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

“No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.

I have to believe that the man was saying that his wife was an illegal alien, so this then makes me ask if Hillary meant what it appears she meant. As I read it, she’s saying that by virtue of their sex, women cannot possibly be illegal aliens.


How can this comment be interpreted in any way that doesn’t make Hillary sound like a idiot?

I think I could be a millionaire in a short time if I can market my current weight loss plan correctly. Just so you know, I’ve succeeded in losing almost 10 pounds of weight in just seven days. Are you sick of having to exercise to lose weight? Are you sick of having to buy special food for your diet? Are you just plain sick of having to diet? Look no further! You, too, can lose weight with the Captain Midnight weight loss plan, and it’s sooooo easy to do. Just get sick, and the pounds will fall off.

Now to figure out how to market this right.

When my brothers and I were kids, we once had a conversation shortly before Christmas that ran somewhat like following:

“I’m not going to tell you that I’m getting you a fire truck for Christmas.”

“Well, I’m not going to tell you that I’m getting you a Batmobile for Christmas.”

Funny thing, when Christmas came around, we weren’t all that surprised at the toys we got, but that’s the sort of immature logic you get with little kids. That is why I was surprised to see this same silly logic used by a Presidential candidate, former governor Mike Huckabee.

The television spot, which calls Republican rival Mitt Romney “dishonest” for airing ads that distort Huckabee’s record, ran in the afternoon in Davenport, at dinnertime in Cedar Rapids and during a 9 p.m. newscast in Davenport, according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

The on-again, off-again ad has been at the center of one of the oddest events in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses. After days of withering attacks by Romney, a former Masachusetts [sic] governor, Huckabee took a day off the campaign trail Sunday to fly to Arkansas and film a 30-second counterattack ad, which was prepared for release in Iowa the next day.

But Huckabee changed his mind Monday morning and announced at a noon news conference — which was scheduled to launch the spot — that he would not air it because he did not want to run a negative campaign and risk alienating Iowa voters.

“I pulled the ad,” Huckabee said at the news conference. “I do not want it to be run at all.”

But no sooner did he make the pledge than he proceeded to show the spot to reporters while cameras rolled, ensuring that it would be aired in news reports and spread across the Internet.

The move drew criticism, as Huckabee was accused of trying to backhandedly attack Romney and claim to take the high road.

OK, so he isn’t talking about toys, but he’s claiming the moral high-ground by not showing the commercial, but in the same soapbox press conference he used to pat himself on the back, Huckabee airs to the press the very same commercial he won’t show. And that guaranteed that it would be shown by the press. When Huckabee told the press that he was going to show them the very commercial he was pulling, the press recognized this as a silly stunt and laughed. But that didn’t stop them from participating in this stunt and airing the commercial.

I was either six or seven when I “didn’t” tell my brothers exactly what they were getting for Christmas. And in our defense, we learned not to do that again. But this is not what I expect in an adult.

I won’t tell you that I’m not voting for Huckabee in the upcoming primary.

On a snowy Saturday evening in a sleepy Utah town, my wife and I were picking up some snacks in a supermarket for the 900+ mile trip we were shortly to take. The store was mostly empty, but we did see someone in the chips and snacks isle.

This guy was wearing a sweatshirt with a huge “FAH” on it. Smaller writing underneath explained what that meant, “F— All Haters.” My wife, model of decorum and womanly virtues, said “Did his shirt really say ‘F— All Haters’?” in a loud voice sufficient to be heard by the guy. As she explained later, if he’s willing to wear a crass shirt in public like that, he should be willing to hear it commented about.

Later we went outside to put our food away in the car, and of the 6 or 7 cars in the parking lot, one stood out. It was running and had really loud rap music pumping out. The music was so loud that it was causing the rear hatch window to vibrate in its frame, making an interesting buzz with the beat. But the most interesting thing about the car was that it was empty. Yep, the owner had left it running and pounding out rap crap while shopping in the store.

Before we finished loading the car, we saw FAH-boy show up, unlock the incredibly thumping car, and get on in. We weren’t too surprised to see that the same inconsiderate jerk who was willing to wear the f-bomb on his shirt in public was the same inconsiderate jerk who was willing to blast craptastic rap music from his car while inside the store shopping. As further evidence of his nature, he flipped us off as he drove away.


Here’s hoping that your 2008 will be jerk-free.