In the past, I have written that if the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s not long before every job starts looking like a nail. It is the job of the media to report the news and state their opinions, but there should a clear distinction between opinions on the editorial page and facts on the front page. All too often these days, opinion is reported as fact.

And what is the media’s single tool? It is the “Bush sucks!” hammer that they pound, pound, pound every day. Have you heard that the Dow Jones industrial average of stocks has been hitting record territory recently? Stocks briefly hit another record high today before going down a bit, but the major media doesn’t really want to talk about that because it is good news. Good news isn’t useful in the ongoing mission to bash President Bush.

If we were enjoying an economy like this with a Democrat President in office, the news media would report constantly that the economy is the best in decades, and the boom and bust cycle has been solved, and we’ll never have market corrections ever again. That’s what the economic news was like during President Clinton’s administration, at least before the inevitable dot-com bust came upon us. But since this booming economy is happening at a time when credit can be placed squarely on the Bush administration, faint praise is too much.

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