Terrorists struck the U.S. on this day in 2001, but since then, we have been blessed with six years of peace here in our country. Three years ago I wrote that it’s a question of when, not if, we will be struck again. I was sure that we would have been attacked again in 2004, but I am happy that it didn’t happen. Yet I remain certain that we will be struck again, so what will be our response when they strike? I’ll say it again:

What will be our response to the next big strike? Will we bury our dead, roll up our sleeves, and proceed to clean out the human cesspool that is terrorism? Or will we follow Spain’s lead? After the March 11th bombings, Spaniards marched in the streets shouting their anger and will to fight. But mere days later, they crawled to the voting booth and voted for a Socialist leader who pulled them out of Iraq and cried, “Don’t hurt us!” First they stood tall, then they rolled over on their backs and pissed themselves in fear. If this wasn’t a victory for the terrorists, what would be?

We have a choice: we can spread the freedom that we are blessed with across the nations, as we have done with 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq, or we can crawl before our attackers as the Spaniards did. President Bush wants us and the world to be free. But looking at the Democrats’ words and actions, I am left to believe that they are willing to quit and run.

Me? I prefer to stand up to evil. How about you?

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