Well, it’s now official: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has tossed her hat into the presidential ring. Good for her, but I can’t support her. In recent days I have written about Speaker Pelosi and CBS News anchorwoman Katie Couric, and with Senator Clinton, that makes three. I don’t care that they are women, but I do care that politically we rarely see eye-to-eye on issues. It is for this reason that I can’t support Speaker Pelosi or Senator Clinton, and I will not vote for them.

In the case of Senator Clinton, my determination is nothing new. I first wrote that I would never vote for her when her book, Living History, was first published, clear back when I had just started the Captain’s Comments:

Hillary claims in her book that she believed Bill when he denied a relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Knowing what she must have known about Bill’s previous dalliances, she must be the most gullible woman I know, and I would love to sell her a used car or some Florida land by the quart. Gullibility is not a prized quality in a public official. Do you really want Hillary to negotiate on behalf of the United States when she can’t recognize a bald-face lie told her by a bald-faced liar?

There is a wide field of presidential aspirants from both parties. They’re either actively campaigning already, or still testing the waters to see if they will run. It promises to be an interesting two years.

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