Believe it or not, Hamas has been using a Mickey Mouse look-alike called “Farfur” to peddle their Jew-hating message. I can imagine it now. . .

And now at the Mickey Hamouse Club, it’s time to practice saying goodbye…

M – I – C “See you later!”
K – E – Y “Why? Because we hate Jews!”
M – O – U – S *BOOM!*

Reality is just as strange. In the video below, you can see Farfur get caught for cheating on his test. And why did he cheat? Why, it’s all the Jews’ fault, of course:

Why did you cheat?

It was against my will, uncle Hazem, because the Jews destroyed our home, and when the Jews destroyed our home, I couldn’t find my notebooks.

Yeah, and the dog ate my homework, too. Sheesh. But the next part of the video is also instructive.

By Allah’s will, we will promote through Islam good, love and justice. Ask history, and ask the Jews, did they ever live in a time period better than the one they live under Islam. And ask the Christians how their security was assured in the churches and monasteries.

I guess the suicide bombings are just part of Islam’s “good, love and justice.” As for security for Christians in their churches, Hazem must think that the Church of the Nativity was attacked by Buddhists instead of the Muslim Palestinians who held it for 38 days in 2002. While he may believe his own propaganda, some of us remember history.

Cox and Forkum do a great job, as usual, in showing the absurdity of Palestinians using a Mickey Mouse-like figure to teach the children.

Hamas Kindergarten

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