I love the snow! And it’s about time we got some this winter. This area of the Pacific Northwest doesn’t often get snow, so it was nice to see that 3-4 inches had fallen overnight. Here is a shot taken with my cell phone close to work.

Let It Snow!

Since many people don’t have a clue how to drive in snow and ice, I left early for work to make sure I’d have plenty of time. Only on the clear, straight stretches of the highway did I get up to 35 MPH, and then only because the car in front of me was way in front of me. I lost count of the number of large SUV and pickup trucks that passed me going too fast for conditions. Driving fast in a rear-wheel drive vehicle is not a smart thing to do on slick snow.

The drive in was slow, but not all that scary. Tomorrow will be really interesting. The overnight temperatures should drop low enough to ice up all the roads. I’m tempted to stay home if the roads around my house are as slick as I fear they will be. I know I can drive safely, but I have years of experience driving in snow and ice. I don’t trust the others around me to have the same skill.

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