We have visitors at our new house. There are two depressions in the lawn that will have 2-4″ deep puddles in them when it rains. I made a joke that all we needed was some ducks to notice the little ponds and turn our front lawn into a wetland. The next day we had some visitors. A drake and a hen mallard duck were out in the ponds trying their best to paddle in the shallow water.

That first night we tried to feed them, but they were so leery of us, we couldn’t even toss the bread pieces out to them. It’s been about a week now, and they are comfortable enough to come about 4-5′ away if there is food on the ground. And since they know we are suckers willing to feed them, they come a-waddlin’ every time they see us. The picture on the right shows the hen at the door today with a look of, “So break out the bread already!” Notice the possessed eye. I think I better feed her something before she comes inside and starts fending for herself. Maybe she is the Duckinator, come back from the future to kill us all. Quick, TPK, run for your very life!

OK, maybe not. But we did find out today that these ducks are hippies since they happily gobbled up some granola. Next time we’re breaking out the tofu. We also noticed that the drake rewarded our gratis granola by pooping on the walkway. Filthy hippy duck.

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