The FBI released a report just packed with cheerful news:

The nations murder rate rose slightly last year but the number of robberies skyrocketed by 6 percent, preliminary FBI data released Monday show.

The statistics were part of an overall 1.3 percent rise in violent crime across the country in 2006 the second straight annual increase.

However, car thefts, arsons and other property crimes dipped for the second straight year, the data show.

The modest increase in murders reflected a mixed bag for cities. The number of homicides in major metropolitan areas those with at least 1 million residents climbed by 6.7 percent. Smaller cities, meanwhile, saw their murders decrease by a collective 11.9 percent.

The spike in robberies marked the highest increase in any category of crime surveyed in the FBI report, which was compiled with data from more than 11,700 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Violent crime rose in every region of the country except for the Northeast, the FBI reported. Western states saw the largest jump in violent crime, by 2.8 percent, the data show.

What the report doesn’t say is that our police presence in rough neighborhoods is causing the increase in violence, and our police crackdown that feeds this breeding ground of crime. The obvious solution to this problem is to pull our police out right away.

Anyone with half a brain should realize what would happen to a neighborhood if the police pulled out completely, but that doesn’t stop Liberals from calling for the exact same thing with our troops in Iraq. Why don’t they stand at street corners with signs saying “Police out of Chicago”?

Now people are going to say that I’m oversimplifying things again.

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