La Shawn Barber has blogged about a woman, Sophie Currier, asking for preferential treatment not once, but twice.

She’s taking a medical licensing exam, which allows a total of 45 minutes for breaks. This chick, nursing her four-month-old, is suing the National Board of Medical Examiners for extra time to feed the kid and pump milk. This woman has already received special treatment. She’s allowed to take the test over two days, while everybody else gets only one day. Now she wants to expand break time.

She then takes Sophie to task, extrapolating out to the future her suit of today.

If she were an on-call surgeon required to drop everything and get to the hospital ASAP to perform emergency surgery, is she going to whine about pumping then? Who will she sue — the patient?

If we women want to be equal to men, we’ve got to roll with it, know what I mean? No extra time to get the job done. No dumbed-down standards. Equal means equal, gals.

I have to agree with La Shawn. But there’s another point worth bringing up: when I am stretched out on the operation table, I want to know my doctor passed the tests and examinations without needing extra time and hand-holding. When I am trapped in a burning building, I want to know the firefighter coming to drag me out passed the strenuous physical tests without needing to have the requirements lowered. When my life is on the line, I want someone who could hack it without needing to sue for extra breaks.

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