News flash! Congress is pondering a resolution mourning the loss of the RMS Titanic in 1912. Sure, Congress has passed two previous resolutions to mourn the almost 1,500 dead, but we really need a third resolution almost a century later to show that we really mean it this time.

Also in the news, Congress will soon put up for a vote a resolution condemning the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip in 1914. Sure, Congress has passed three previous resolutions condemning the assassination, but Congress really needs to pass a fourth resolution to show just how much the assassination disturbs the U.S. Congress.

And finally, Congress is gearing up to vote on a resolution to start using the word “genocide” when discussing the killing of thousands of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Sure, it’s almost a century later, and Congress has passed five other resolutions between 1916 and 1996 about the death of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, but Congress really needs to pass yet another bit of legislation to show just how horrified Congress is over the Armenian genocide.

OK, so I’m being silly. I made up the news stories about Congress working on Titanic and Ferdinand assassination resolutions to show just how silly it is to obsess over something almost a century old, especially when Congress has already griped about it before. Why are members of Congress so anxious to pass a resolution branding the death of many thousands of Armenians almost 100 years ago as a genocide?

The answer is simple: the Democrats in Congress are desperate to sabotage the war in Iraq, as explained by Thomas Sowell.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that this resolution is just the latest in a series of Congressional efforts to sabotage the conduct of that war.

Large numbers of American troops and vast amounts of military equipment go to Iraq through Turkey, one of the few nations in the Islamic Middle East that has long been an American ally.

Turkey has also thus far refrained from retaliating against guerrilla attacks from the Kurdish regions of Iraq onto Turkish soil. But the Turks could retaliate big time if they chose….

In this touchy situation, why stir up a hornet’s nest over something in the past that neither we nor anybody else can do anything about today?

The Left has no plan to win the war in Iraq. The only strategy they have is running away, which is known in military circles as “losing.” Democrats have admitted that they cannot support the war because it is bad for them. They have hitched their wagons to failure, and now they are trying whatever they can to cause problems. And make no mistake, this Congressional resolution will piss off our ally Turkey and make fighting the murderous thugs in Iraq that much harder. Weren’t these the same Democrats the ones whining that we weren’t working enough with allies?

Sowell finishes up his column masterfully:

Unwilling to take responsibility for ending the war by cutting off the money to fight it, as many of their supporters want them to, Congressional Democrats have instead tried to sabotage the prospects of victory by seeking to micro-manage the deployment of troops, delaying the passing of appropriations — and now this genocide resolution that is the latest, and perhaps lowest, of these tactics.

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