OK, so I’ll stop writing about Global Warming for a while. Well, I will until something interesting comes up on the subject. But before I voluntarily silence myself on this subject, there is a fine bit of information I strongly suggest you read. Warren Meyer runs CoyoteBlog.com, and he has done a masterful job in discussing from the point of view of a skeptic the idea of man-made global warming, or to use a 21-point Scrabble word, anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

To begin with, you should read his post, “The 60-Second Climate Skeptic,” that nicely condenses the skeptic’s arguments against AGW into a one-page read. Once you have read that blog entry, you can go for the meat of Meyer’s skeptical look at AGW in his paper “A Skeptical Layman’s Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming.” The PDF version can be downloaded separately and clocks in at 82 pages.

After you have read these (and my posts on global warming, of course), you should know how to respond when people start discussing the topic of global warming. Well, that’s assuming you don’t want to be attacked as a heretic.

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