My dad sent me an old copy of my birth certificate. (Thanks, Dad!) And three things struck me as I’m looking at it.

First, I much prefer a crimped seal than a stamp on an official document. The last few times I’ve gone to a notary public, they have used stamps instead of the little crimping tool, and I feel a little cheated.

Second, I missed being a twin by half an inch. Had the X on the birth certificate been typed a half of an inch to the right, I would have been marked a twin. A full inch to the right would have made me a triplet, but that’s pushing things.

And third, while it has a slot for my dad’s occupation, Air Force, there is no equivalent slot for my mom. I guess the assumption being that a mother’s occupation was either unimportant, or it was assumed that her only possible occupation was homemaker. Do currently issued birth certificates include the mother’s occupation now, and if so, when did this change? I would guess it changed in the 70s.

In any case, I have legal proof that I was born.

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