Drudge linked to a story in the UK Daily Mail:

This 60-storey house is for just one family.

India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is planning a palace in the heart of Mumbai with helipad, health club, hanging gardens and six floors of car parking.

His wife, mother and three children will live there with him, looked after by 600 live-in staff.

The building, already worth 500 million, could start a rush on skyscrapers.

The picture going with the story shows an interesting open structure. I’d be concerned that it would fold over due to lack of support, but I’m sure that rooms of architects are working to ensure that doesn’t happen. The other thing that struck me was the 1:100 ratio of family to staff. With that many people, it’s a good idea to have six floors of parking. But something tells me that many of the staff will have their own apartments in the building. It’s got 60 floors, so there’s bound to be room for them.

“That’s very selfish, building a 60-story building for six people.” Well, it’s Ambani’s money, and he can spend it how he likes. We can argue that he could spend his money differently, perhaps more nobly, such as giving it to charities, but — hello! — it’s his money. A co-worker once used the same “he could use the money better” argument about someone who bought an expensive Hummer. I reminded him that it was his money, and he could spend it how he liked.

The Tenth Commandment should stop us from coveting someone else’s money, Hummer, or 60-story home. Rather than envying their wealth, we should practice our best Australian accent and say, “Good on ya, mate!”

UPDATE (6/1/2007 2:00:02 PM): It didn’t take long for people to let their envy take over. Here are the first five comments attached to the story:

He should have spent some of the money building homes for the poor instead of this ridiculous building.

- Cs, Surrey

600 live in staff for 6 people? Why?? The family must be incredibly lazy. Still at least 600 people will be employed, if not gainfully.

- Signorasue, AlicanteSpain

In a country where countless beggars live in unbelievable squalor, this is obscene.

- Mike Randall, Worcester England

how incredible that someone could build something that lavish in the midst of such terrible poverty. I can’t understand the mentality of the wealthy in India, I really cannot.

- Jaki, New York, NY

They should spend some of those millions on helping the less fortunate of their country who are, afterall, the engine which moves the country. Shame on them

- R4tl, Spain

Now in all fairness, there are also people who are pointing out that it’s his money, and he can spend it how he wants. And others are pointing out that this construction and subsequent jobs will benefit the community. But it is a shame to see the numbers of people who are up in arms about Ambani spending his own money in ways that they don’t like.

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