Cox and Forkum sum up the current troubles in Lebanon with their latest political cartoon.

Giving Shelter

As criticism of Israel rises with the Lebanese death toll, it is paramount to remember: Hezbollah initiated this war by crossing the Lebanese border into Israel to kill eight Israeli soldiers and kidnap two more. Hezbollah then returned to take refuge in Lebanon, where the terrorist group enjoys a safe haven behind Lebanese human shields. The civilian casualties in Lebanon will continue to rise, as long as Lebanon continues to harbor Hezbollah. The responsibility for the death of every single Lebanese victim should be laid at the feet of Hezbollah, and any Lebanese who have supported Hezbollah’s base of operations in Lebanon.

Israel didn’t start this. But I hope that Israel will finish it. For those people who think it is a terrible thing that innocents are dying at the hands of Israeli forces, I remind them of Niven’s Laws, especially 1b:

1a – Never throw s*** at an armed man.
1b – Never stand next to someone who is throwing s*** at an armed man.

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