While some people recognize that we are at war with radical Islam, too many liberals would rather attack President Bush and his supporters than seriously acknowledge that we are at war. And as wars go, this has been a remarkably bloodless one.

“How can you say that, Captain?” Easy. Consider that, since we were hit in 2001, we have lost very few civilians and military personnel. Yes, every loss is a tragedy, but when you consider that the U.S. suffered 6,821 fatalities while fighting to capture the eight square miles of Iwo Jima alone, the losses we have suffered from 9/11 and liberating Afghanistan and Iraq hardly measure up to that level of bloodshed.

This is almost like the Phony War period between Germany’s invasion of Poland in September 1939 and its subsequent invasion of the Benelux countries in May 1940. War had been declared in 1939, but Great Britain didn’t enter into the fight until the summer of 1940 when the Battle of Britain was fought.

I believe we are currently in a lull of the battle against radical Islam, much as Britain found itself during the Phony War. We have been largely successful in keeping the fighting out of our nation since 2001, but at some point the murderous nutjobs will succeed in bringing the fight back to our shores. When–not if–this happens, I see the nation going in one of three directions:

– We give up. While I personally have no intention of bowing to Mecca, it is possible that a sufficiently vicious attack could break the will of the nation at large, and collectively we might give up and give in. People who call for “peace at any cost” are particularly susceptible to this possible outcome.

– The nation continues with a ho-hum reaction. People who refuse to accept the reality that we are at war are solidly in this camp. And unless the attack hits close to home, they may remain in this state of complacency. Is “Lost” on yet?

– The nation really goes to war. The scenes of death and destruction on our soil stiffen the collective spine and resolve of the nation, and we determine to fight. Not in the wimpy, half-hearted manner we are doing it now–the whole-hog, can-do resolve of our citizens seen during World War II could once again ripple through the people when we realize we must and will crush this viper’s head of hate.

When that attack comes, I sincerely hope the nation chooses to stand up and fight. Because when we achieve complete victory over those who hate us and want us destroyed, only then will there be peace.

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