I just read on Drudge that the press is planning on taking another week to rake Vice Pres. Cheney over the coals for the accidental shooting of his friend. But as I see it, it’s not about the shooting, it’s all about the main stream media being jealous.

The press is cheesed because when the news was broken about the shooting, they saw it was done by some pissant little Texas paper rather than in the lofty New York Times or some other paper of like-noble bearing. Eh, Spare me the attitude, please.

Others point to the delay in reporting the news. As I see it, Vice Pres. Cheney reported the news faster than Senator Ted Kennedy reported his car accident to the police, and I see a difference between alerting the police and notifying the press. People look at the Vice President and object to his secrecy. If I had been mauled by the press as he has, I’d be giving the press the big middle finger, too.

Bottom line: this is more about the whiny press, and not so much about the actual happenings.

Addendum (2/19/2006): Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters Blog compares the media’s response between Islam’s reaction to the political cartoons and the delay of reporting the accidental shooting by the Vice President. Here’s the final paragraph:

When our media has the testicular fortitude to report on terrorists honestly, then they will have gained the moral authority to lecture any White House on censorship and the responsibility of fully informing the public. Until then, such demonstrations as we saw this week by the White House press corps only stands as a perverse monument to the media’s hypocrisy and venality.

Well worth reading the whole article.

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