If I were to classify the nations of the world, I would say that there are friends, allies, neutral nations, antagonists, and enemies. Good friends like Britain and Australia share our outlook on life and our desires. Allies are aligned with the U.S. to achieve some goal. The Soviet Union during World War II was our ally, even though we had major philosophical differences on government, and we knew that we wouldn’t stay allies once the war was over. Neutral nations are few now, but I guess they still exist, probably Finland and Bolivia. Antagonists are those nations that hate us, and sadly there are a bunch, but I’ll just list Iran, Syria, and North Korea here. At this point, the only enemy we have are the Islamic fruit-jobs who are sending planes into buildings and blowing up cars.

When looking at my security and safety, I want my friends around me and enemies far away. This is why I am glad we are killing terrorists in Iraq rather than fighting them on our own shores, but that will probably happen if we do not keep our borders secure. And I believe we should be very concerned about our border security. That includes our land borders and our shipping ports. I believe that President Bush has the right ideas for fighting the terrorists, but I have great problems with his failure to address our border security. You can read my previous writings on our borders here, here, and here.

The big brouhaha here is the proposal for the United Arab Emirates to take over operational control of some of our ports. And it is interesting to see that opposition and support for this plan is not divided along party lines.

I understand that the United Arab Emirates are our allies in the fight against the terrorists, but I don’t trust them the way I’d trust a long-time friend like Britain. Call me an Islamophobe if you like, but I’m not going to give house keys to a friendly neighbor whose family hates me. I’m sure I could trust the neighbor not to barge into my house for a rummage, but since his family would have access to his house, it’s possible they could gain access to my house key. And then people who hate me would have free access to my home and family.

I can’t allow that to happen.

The Power Line blog has a good write-up discussing other examples of foreign nations controlling our ports.

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