Here’s a great article by Kathryn Jean Lopez over at National Review that’s well worth reading. She ties together the Equal Rights Amendment push from the 1970s with same-sex marriage.

While explaining why the big push for the federal Equal Rights Amendment ultimately failed, in her book Feminist Fantasies [Phyllis] Schlafly reprinted some of her old objections: “ERA would put ‘gay rights’ into the U.S. Constitution because the word in the amendment is ‘sex,’ not ‘women.’ Eminent authorities have stated that ERA would legalize the granting of marriage licenses to same-sex couples and generally implement the gay and lesbian agenda.”

And guess what? In the latest example of Schlafly’s prescience, on Jan. 20, 2006, a Maryland court struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban based on the Old Line State’s Equal Rights Amendment. As Jessica Echard, who works with Schlafly at Eagle Forum (the public-policy nonprofit Schlafly heads) points out, “The Maryland ERA language is very similar to the federal ERA, which refers to no discrimination based on ‘sex’ not ‘women,’ Using the term ‘sex’ demands same-sex marriage because banning it would be denying rights based on sex.”

Well worth reading it all.

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