Little Green Footballs posted links to two news articles. The first comes from The Daily Telegraph about the current boycott by many Muslims of Danish goods. The second comes from the Associated Press about the need for a EU law to ban blasphemy.

ONLY an official apology by the Danish government to all Muslims for offence caused by the prophet Mohammad cartoons would prompt the lifting of the boycott of Danish goods, Muslim preachers said.

An official apology “is absolutely necessary … because your government has not dealt with them (Muslims) respectfully,” Islamic scholar Tareq al-Suweidan told a conference hosted by the Government in an attempt to ease tension over the drawings. (The Daily Telegraph)

“We request an official apology from your government to the Muslim nation and to the Muslims in Denmark,” said Tariq al-Suweidan, an Islamic scholar from Kuwait. He also demanded that the European Union enact a law “that forbids the insult to religious figures.” (Associated Press)

I think Denmark and the West should apologize to the Muslims of the world after Islam apologizes for the insult they have given to religious figures. A specific apology for Muslims blowing up the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan would be a good start.

Or does respect only flow one way?

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