There is some truth in the political cartoon posted today by Cox and Forkum.

Stars Barred

I like immigrants. But I think there should be a little order in the way they are admitted into the United States. So I propose that we allow immigrants access to the U.S. in the same way students are accepted into universities. Universities cannot, of necessity, admit every student who applies. If they did, they would soon be overwhelmed by mobs of students and would be unable to teach any of them properly. When wants are unbounded but resources are limited, someone has to say, “This is enough, and more is too many.”

Should the U.S. allow into the country everyone who wants to enter? Really? Then what happens when mobs of people try to enter a small area with limited resources? When there are unbounded numbers of people desiring to enter the country, but physical resources like living space and water are limited, then someone has to stand at the border and say, “Sorry, we’ve filled our immigrant quota. Try next year.”

Do we limit the numbers of legal immigrants because we hate them? No more than universities turn away students because they hate them. The reality is that we cannot accommodate everyone, even if we really want to. That means that we have a say in how many people get to come into the country, just as universities do. And just as universities do, we ought to select the very best of the applicants.

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