Have you had the same urge to laugh at some of the antics of the Left as they go about protesting the President and his policies? A while back, there was a huge rally in the center of town. And when I say “huge” I mean about 3-4 dozen people banging pots and making noise. Gosh, they sure did show the Administration that they meant business. The irony is that the only people they annoyed with their noise were the other liberals downtown.

On the local Air America radio affiliate this morning, a lady from Taos, Arizona was crowing over the citizens’ arrest of Sec. Donald Rumsfeld at his home on April 30th. Rumsfeld was taken to the city center, tried by a jury of his peers, found guilty of war crimes, and sentenced. You probably missed this because it was only a mock arrest, and in this case “mock” means “completely ineffectual staging of events to make liberals feel like they are doing something, when their actions really amount to nothing but a lefty circle-jerk.” I guess “mock” is shorter and easier to type.

Do you think this mock citizens’ arrest of Rumsfeld sent a chilling message to the Administration? Do you think the Administration was even aware this happened? Do they even care? From just listening to the Arizonan, you’d think her group had conquered Rummy and that a new day was dawning for liberals in America. But in reality, their actions accomplished nothing substantial. It was merely an exercise to “raise awareness.” I have long learned to ignore liberals when their goal is to raise awareness and point the finger of moral outrage at others.

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