We watched Popeye, starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall, today. This Disney movie was released in 1980, and it wasn’t well received by the public. I first saw it over twenty years ago when I was babysitting the neighbor kids. They had a VCR player and both the Popeye and Pete’s Dragon tapes. The kids watched these two movies over and over and over again.

Like other movies shot in the late ’70s (can anyone say Heaven’s Gate?), this movie suffers from interminal-itis. Popeye clocks in at under two hours, but it feels longer because of its pacing, unlike Heaven’s Gate which actually is long at over 3 and a half hours running time. I like how Williams is constantly muttering stuff under his breath, just like in the cartoons, and Duvall is the epitome of Olive Oyl made real.

It will probably be another 20 years before I watch it again.

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