Yes, you read me right. Osama bin Hidin’ came out with another smack-talking audio tape against the evil Western Crusaders who are intent on waging war against Islam.

Peace, Allah’s mercy and blessing be upon you, as I am directing this speech to all the Islamic Umma, to continue talking and urging them to support our prophet Muhammad, and to punish the perpetrators of the horrible crime committed by some Crusader-journalists and apostates against the master of the predecessors and successors, our prophet Muhammad.

The holy verses of the Quran and the holy prophetic teachings have all clarified the need for according love, respect and obedience to our prophet. Allah, the Almighty, has made it a taboo to offend him, saying in the Quran those who harm Allah and his messenger would be damned and severely punished.

Right after the broadcast, al-Qaeda-like bombings rocked the Muslim nation of Egypt. Gosh, Osama’s really letting those evil American crusaders have it. What’s next on his agenda? Is he planning to show his wrath against the West by killing more Iraqis?

To be fair, I’ve heard that many Egyptian Christians liked to congregate during the Orthodox Easter time in the area that was bombed, but the bombings in Egypt were not guarantied to strike only Christians. Why is it that Osama feels it is OK to kill Muslims? And why do Muslims still get starry-eyed and weak at the knees over Osama when he has no compulsion against killing them? It reminds me of the musical Carousel when Julie talks to Louise about how Billy struck her. “It didn’t hurt at all. It was just as if he kissed my hand.” I wonder how many more “kisses” Osama will have to give the Muslim world before they wake up to his abuse.

Osama talked about the Danish cartoons, but strangely he doesn’t talk about Iraq at all. Has he given up with Iraq and is going after the easier targets like Egypt? It is certain that al-Qaeda has been very quiet on the U.S. shores. I can only assume that they have been weakened enough to only be able to strike out in the Middle East. No wonder they go for killing Muslims. They may be the only people al-Qaeda can reach.

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