So, it’s Earth Day again. The day loved by environmentalists to celebrate the Earth and to bash corporations and Republicans because they are corporations and Republicans. This year a common theme will be global climate change, which is the same theme they had at the very first Earth Day. The only difference is that back then, in 1970, the global climate change that had the environmentalists’ collective undies in a bunch was global cooling.

Frankly, I’m not even going to bother looking up much of what has been written and said about Earth Day and global warming. I’ve covered the topic already. Knowing that the sun is the source of our planet’s warmth, and knowing that it has been active recently enough to cause global warming on Mars, I have to wonder just how much the environmentalists blame corporations and Republicans for what the sun is doing.

Anyway, I have just one question for the next person who brings up global warming: since scientists have long known that the Earth has always cycled between periods of warmer and colder weather, just who was it that promised them that the Earth’s climate would never change again?

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