Muslims are raging against the Pope’s words. Yeah, like Muslim rage is anything new. Here’s what I wrote about the Muslim rage over the Danish Mohammed cartoons back in February 2006.

It is a mistake to think that Muslims can be placated by apologizing for these cartoons. If they had not set off the Muslims, something else would have done just as well. This is the ideological equivalent of a child’s tantrum, pure and simple — a violent, unreasonable demand that the world fear Muslim might and kowtow to every Muslim sensibility. And like all tantrums, if we choose to defer to the first angry outburst, more and worse ones are sure to follow.

So there is just one thing to say about all this: “Suck it up, Muslim crybabies!”

Not that you need more proof over the brittle nature of Islam, but here is one more quote to hammer the concept home:

“Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence,” [Pakistan's] Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said.

This is as nonsensical a position as the classic BBS tagline of “Believe in a loving god, Infidel, or die!”

Here is a longish quote from TigerHawk’s post on Infantilizing Muslim rage, and his whole post is well worth reading.

Just about the entire world knows that that Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech on Tuesday condemning religious conversion by violence. The Muslim “street” did not respond until Friday, when the leaders of the Muslim religion called for their faithful to surge into the streets in an orgy of rage and violence. Not content only to burn Christian churches (neither of which follow the Catholic pope), they turned on themselves. Never in the history of Christianity has a pope been proven correct so quickly and demonstrably.

Predictably, the greatest beneficiaries of the Western enlightenment blamed reason, the true victim of Muslim rage through the ages. The editors of The New York Times said this morning, to the eternal discredit of that once great paper, that

[t]he world listens carefully to the words of any pope. And it is tragic and dangerous when one sows pain, either deliberately or carelessly. He needs to offer a deep and persuasive apology, demonstrating that words can also heal.

This is obscene. Apart from its factual inaccuracy — there is no evidence that any of the enraged Muslims “listened carefully” to the words of the pope — this is like blaming a beaten wife for provoking the bastard who throttles her. It is the leaders of prayers in the mosques of the Muslim world who call on their faithful to riot in the streets. It is they who sow pain and incite violence, and anybody unburdened by a loathing of Western civilization knows it. Pope Benedict has nothing to apologize for. The leading clerics of the Muslim world have a great deal to apologize for.

Sadly, Pope Benedict is caving to the Muslim rage in a non-apology way of apologizing.

“The Holy Father is very sorry that some passages of his speech may have sounded offensive to the sensibilities of Muslim believers,” the statement said.

If you cave to a spoiled brat, you teach them that a temper-tantrum is the way to solve all their problems, and your apology will never be enough. Here’s the next two paragraphs from the BBC report proving the case.

But Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said the statement did not go far enough and called on the pontiff to apologise in person.

“The Vatican Secretary of State says that the Pope is sorry because his statements had been badly interpreted, but there is no bad interpretation,” Abdel Moneim Abul Futuh, a senior official from the opposition party told AFP.

I’ll say it again — “Suck it up, Muslim crybabies!”

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