I came home late from a full day of teaching a class at work to an empty house. The nifty wife is off to visit her family out of state, and I’m here all alone. But I have my movies and my games to keep me occupied.

Better yet, I found a big box on the doorstep with my recent order of Stikfas! I should finish typing up my comment dealing with the South Dakota abortion bill, but I think I’ll put together my new Armored Knight with Stallion instead.

If you are good, I’ll post some pictures. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some important work to do.

Update: the Knight spotted the skeleton harassing the pirate and took care of him. The pirate is so happy he’s ready to kiss the Knight’s boots. Either that, or he’s going to hurl from all the rum he drank earlier.

Knight triumphant!

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