So we are without our car. A while back we were driving home from a funeral when the Check Engine light kicked on, and the car started to run rough. We stopped at the closest town for the night, and the next day we took the car into a repair shop. Five days and $1500 later, we got the car back. Still running rough, and the Check Engine light was still on.

We had a mechanic here in town look it over, and he talked with the first guy. So the first guy agreed to pick up the car and work on it without charging for labor, just any parts he puts in it.

TPK was all for reversing the charges on the credit card (I like putting big purchases like this on the credit card for the ability to reverse the charges if we are shafted, but I digress) and reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. But I figured they should get the chance to really fix the car this time.

So the car is gone. We are stocked up with food, and I have a great co-worker who I can carpool with. But it is a strange feeling not to have the freedom to drive down to corner store for a quick snack.

[Yeah, welcome to my world. --TPK]

Oh, and I posted a new comment about the proof that has come out about WMDs.

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