You’ve seen the cars — the ones so plastered with bumper stickers that you can barely see the color of the paint job. And while one occasionally sees conservative bumper stickers like “My son is a Marine” or “These colors don’t run,” it is far more typical to see bumper stickers expressing support for left-wing or ultra-left-wing causes.

(More often than not, the combination of liberal bumper stickers seems to express a profound sense of cognitive dissonance. For instance, I was once passed by a beaten-up rice-rocket whose liberal owner had slapped both a PETA “I am not a nugget” sticker and a “Keep abortion safe and legal” sticker on his back bumper. Apparently–at least to this particular liberal–it’s acceptable to kill a child in the name of convenience, but it’s not OK to kill a chicken in the name of supper. I have no idea what tortured intellectual path one must take to arrive at this twisted conclusion. –TPK)

It seems to me, as I watch what liberals do and listen to what they say, that they are more impressed with the message, and less with actually doing anything. If you ever hear someone say that their purpose is to “raise awareness,” then you know you are in the presence of a liberal.

I’ve previously written about the way liberals will “raise awareness” through some stunt or other, specifically raising awareness of homelessness by sleeping on a bridge in a cardboard box and sleeping bag for one night. The write-up of the event did not indicate any actions by the students to improve the lot of the homeless, other than spending a single night with them. All fluff, no substance.

You can also see this in the recent Democrat loss in California’s District 50. It was the district for convicted former Rep. Duke Cunningham, but his jail sentence threw the district open to a new Representative. Democrat candidate Francine Busby failed to get elected, but she made sure she “sent a message.”

Despite her defeat, Busby claimed a moral victory in a Republican stronghold which lost its congressman in a bribery scandal.

“We’re sending a message for all of us that we need a government that works for us, not for special interests,” Busby said.

The two will face off again in November for the full two-year term. I hope Ms. Busby is again successful in sending a message and failing to get elected.

In Disneyland I saw two women wearing green T-shirts that read “Support our Schools / Support our Students / (and it won’t raise taxes either)”, but there was no indication about any school measure or proposed action. It sent a message to support schools and students, but it completely failed to specify any action. That is a useless message.

Speaking of Disneyland, I saw another two people wearing “AIDS Awareness” T-shirts. It had dates and city names on the T-shirts, but no real information on it other than the big bolded title. I’m sure they were nice people, but I don’t think we need a massive push for AIDS awareness. If you don’t know about AIDS by now, you have either lived an incredibly sheltered life or you are rather dim. And contrary to what liberals and the education elites might think, a slogan on a T-shirt won’t stop the spread of AIDS. Not that we need to have massive government programs to teach about AIDS. Teaching kids about how not to get AIDS is rather easy. As Jim Quinn likes to describe, AIDS prevention lessons can be rather simple:

“See this?”


“See that?”


“Don’t put this in that, and you won’t get AIDS.”


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