I was listening to the local liberal radio show on the way home, and I heard something that stunned me. A caller was explaining his disgust with our current political situation and his fear that we will invade Iran. Because he didn’t believe that our politicians could stop President Bush from going into Iran, he was asking for the commanding officers of our armed forces to stage a military coup.

Dumb idea.

A military coup of our government would be the equivalent of flipping the checkerboard over because you don’t like how the game is going. And if a military coup happened, it would mean that our Constitution would be dead, or at best hanging by a thread. We would have only the willingness of the military dictators to restore the Constitution to full power by allowing for free elections and then stepping down after the people’s voice had been heard. But the people’s voice has been heard, and President Bush was re-elected to a second term.

A coup is not necessary to stop an illegal war. If military commanders receive an order to go to war, and they deem that it is a criminal order, they are not obligated to carry it out. If an order comes down from the White House to launch an attack against Iran, and the military carries out the order, there are two possible reasons why: either the military is led by a bunch of dummies and yes-men, or the order was justified and legal. Let me point out that morons don’t become generals and admirals. They run for Congress.

Unless you have no problem gambling with our nation’s Constitution, I suggest that you don’t advocate a military coup.

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